Emergency Bulletin Of Deteriorating Weather

by LerosReport

1. According to the warning of Hellenic National Meteorological Service, issued today, 04-04-2021, the wind is expected to be SOUTHEAST 7-8 BF, from 07:00 local time and 8 BF from 13:00 local . 2. Following that, boats’owners are kindly invited to take appropriate measures to ensure safe mooring of their vessels. Moreover, avoid unnecessary movement and remain in port facilities, to prevent any casualty. 3. It is also reminded, that according of the General Port Regulation No 20, it is prohibited any use of marine pleasure means (jet ski, canoe & kayak, parasailing, etc) in weather conditle above 5BF. Also, windsurfing and kitesurfing are prohibited in weather conditions above 6BF. In any case, it is prohibited any use of marine pleasure means, when the visibility is restricted. 4. In case you notice any problem or other hazardous condition, you are kindly invited to inform Port Authority of Leros (Tel.: 00302247022224, email: leros@hcg.gr). By the Port Authority of Leros

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